Writer, editor, proofreader, professional babbler; I’ve held various jobs throughout my life. In addition to all of those word-related ones, I also used to do digital art restoration for old comic books going to back to print, most notably for the issues you’ll find collected in some of the Marvel Omnibus and Marvel Masterworks books.

This site, though, is for the stuff I read and write outside of that. I suppose a lot of what I do rests on the fantasy and science fiction branch of fiction. Whatever you call it, I hope you’ll enjoy reading some of what you’ll find here as much as I enjoy* working on getting better at it.

I don’t publish books or collections often, but when I do, I usually put the stories together in books I make by hand, just because I like doing it. I’m a short-form kind of person — for me, essays, poems, and short stories are the best.

Other interests: Comics. Dark chocolate. Science (especially botany, neuroscience, and astronomy). Tiny cottages and tall trees, particularly when they’re close to one another.

E-mail: ohhello@sheilacjohnson.net

*Relative term, I know. This includes all of those days.