Who Are the Creatures in Your Neighborhood?: The Librarian of Dust [Fiction]

[This and the other  “Creatures in Your Neighborhood” entries are bits of writing practice, done when the old work schedule got too hectic to make working on longer stories — you know, stories with a capital “S” — a practical idea. -SJ]

The Librarian of Dust has been leaving you messages for quite some time now.

Don’t worry. It’s nothing urgent, not like a message from the Faucet Fairy. When the Faucet Fairy drops you a note, that’s a message you want to reply to. Immediately.

No, the Librarian of Dust simply would like to remind you that she’s still assembling all of your stories. The stories you cast aside, the memories you shed like sweater lint, the parts of you that you don’t think about all that much after a while–she’s assembling them all, laying them out, neat and even, the way people might have laid manuscript pages across a table top in the days before digital screens.

It’s all right if you’re not ready to look them over yet. You’ve given her plenty of material to sort as it is, and anyway, she’ll keeping working, right up until it’s time to go.


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